Sculpture Bio

Waylon Dobson

Sculpture Bio

 Sculpture:   Plasticine clay, Sculpey, wax, foam, bronze. Miniature to over life-size. Figurative, animal, historic portraits, dinosaurs,

Red Cross Statuette Spring 2018

Cold cast Bronze mounted on black marble.  Five inch tall statue created from Felix de Weldon’s original monument in Washington D.C.  Commissioned by his son, Daniel de Weldon, this statue was created in clay, a mold created, and then cast in cold Bronze, reproduced for twenty two versions.

 California Theaming Monrovia, CA -Fall-Fall 2016-2018

Sculpted architectural and character assets utilizing foam and clay, for scultpure; Rhino 5 for rebuilding digital assets, and preparing them for printing.

Freelance sculpture assistant to Ron Pekar  Spring 2014

RoseBowl relief sculpture.

Following Ron’s design and Instruction, I participated with Mark Goena and Lori Pikarski in sculpting on many panels that interlocked to form a large bas relief sculpture of football players from the early 20th century.  Foam base, upon which clay was added.  The entire sculpture was over 15 feet tall by approximately 18 feet wide.  Ron Pekar would later take the panels to be cast in bronze and assembled at the Rose Bowl for its re-dedication in 2014.

Disney Imagineering  Burbank, CA– Spring 2012-Spring 2014

Created digital and scultpural elements for theme parks around the world.  Utilizing clay, foam, as well as digital software Zbrush, Maya.

California Theaming-Los Angeles, Ca- Sept.- Oct 2011.

Sculpted characters in foam for SeaWorld and its Christmas displays:  8 ft dolphins, life size polar bears, turtles, etc.

Carlson and Cosculptural June 2006-Spring 2007

Sculpted with a team of three on a model for giant Play-Doh sculpture in plaster, fourteen ft. tall. For artist Jeff Koons.

Prior to 2007 companies, and projects.

California Theaming_Lead sculptor on a float for Hong Kong Disney, Little Mermaid.

Karl West, Environmental arts, -Disney Animal Kingdom, Life size dinosaurs clay and foam.

Rijn and Riesman, Universal studios-maquettes for Dr. Seuss, and model mock ups for theme park rides

Production Arts, Caesars Palace for new installations of classical themed sculpture.

Degree:  BFA Studio Art, California Institute of the Arts, 1993.

Summer Intern at:   Stan Winston Studios, for Batman 2, Jurrasic Park.  1991