Digital Bio

Waylon Dobson

Digital Bio

Digital: Knowledge in 3d print preparation. Maya, ZBrush, Mari, Mudbox, Topogun,  Photoshop .  Rendering knowledge in Vray, Proficient in organic and hard surface modeling UDIM multi-tile mapping and texturing.

Work Experience Summary

Mousetrappe   Burbank, CA Winter_Spring 2017

Retopologizing assets for renders with textures for upcoming animation projection project. Utilized ZBrush, Maya, Topogun, Mari.  Client:   Disney Studios.

Copy+Pixel  Los Angeles, Winter 2017

For this project, I modeled/textured in real world scale and proportions the  truck and environment-utilizing photographs provided by legal team, and Google Earth for illustration of a traffic accident and presented in court.  Samir Lyons, project supervisor.

DFFX  Venice, CA Summer 2016

Retopologized body scans of Zombie extras for an upcoming season of a very popular AMC television zombie show; included UV mapping. Utilized Maya, ZBrush, Topogun.

Chad Finnerty, supervisor

The Mission Studios  Venice, CA Spring 2015-Summer 2016

Built and textured cg assets from architectural elements to  hard surface assets for various commercial projects:  Audi, Summer,Force of Nature; Marvel, Contest of Champions, Contest of Champions Deadpool; Nike Snow Day; Nike Huarache. Utilized:  Maya,VRay, Zbrush, Mudbox, Mari, Photoshop, Topogun..

Tasks also Include:  Rebuilding assets from game mesh(Marvel) or from CAD models(Audi)

Piotr Karwas supervisor; Diana Cheng, Ryan Meredeth, producers.

Mousetrappe  Burbank, Ca  – Fall-Winter 2014

Built digital elements for DisneyWorld Tree of Life Awakens, an animated show projected on the Tree of Life- specifically I built from a scan of the tree segments of the animals to create a 3d print for projection tests.

Disney Imagineering  Burbank, CA Spring 2012-Spring 2014

Created digital and scultpural elements for Shanghai Disney.  Specifically I modeled and refined digitally scanned maquettes for the Fantasia  carousel, that were then printed and sculpted by artists full size in China.

Whitemoon Dreams Pasadena, Ca Oct 2010-Jan 2011

Modeled characters for client Tencent- base mesh, game mesh, UV mapped, Normal, Diffuse and Gloss maps. Used Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, Topogun. Modeled/textured ghostly characters in Zbrush and Maya for animation installed in the Haunted Mansion ride for Disney World, Orlando, Fla.

View working example here-

USC/ICT Marina del Rey, Ca May-September 2010

The Immersive Naval Officer Training System (INOTS) A real-world instructional  training application used to teach interpersonal skills to Navy junior leaders. I participated in  Modeling base mesh, game mesh, UV maps, created  Normal, Diffuse and Gloss maps. Developed and textured environment of office on a battle ship for the VR environment.

CIS Hollywood Ca. 2008.

Watchmen. Modeled previs architecture for Red Square scene, the Gum Mall. Modeled

sailor and woman figures for Times Square scene: uniform, dresses, shoes, hats, etc.

Tropic Thunder. Previs layout of lava terrain, with city ruins, Bridges, Shipwreck etc., geology of buttes, crevasses, etc. ZBrush used to make displacement maps for lava texture.

Degree:  BFA Studio Art, California Institute of the Arts, 1993.

Summer Intern at:   Stan Winston Studios, for Batman 2, Jurrasic Park.  1991