Digital Bio

Waylon Dobson

Digital Bio

Digital:  Maya, ZBrush, Mari, Rhino 5Mudbox, Topogun,  Photoshop .  Rendering knowledge in Vray, Proficient in organic and hard surface modeling UDIM multi-tile mapping and texturing.

Work Experience Summary

Zero FX- Fall 2018

Rebuilt, modeled, and UV mapped character assets for upcoming emoji commercial.

Utilizing Maya, and Zbrush.  Mike Warner Supervisor.

Courtroom Animation Summer 2018

Built and textured various architectural and mechanical assets and props for use in animation to illustrate an event for clients; utilized Maya, 3dMax, Photoshop.  Samir Lyons Supervisor.

California Theaming   Fall 2016-2018  Monrovia, CA summer-spring 2017/2018digital model/sculptor 

Assisted in creating digital and sculptural assets, utilizing  software Rhino 5 and Maya for rebuilding surfaces, and preparing for printing.  Client:   Disney Studios.

Mousetrappe   Burbank, CA Winter_Spring 2017

Retopologizing assets for renders with textures for  animation projection project. Utilized ZBrush, Maya, Topogun, Mari.  Client:   Disney Studios.

Copy+Pixel  Los Angeles, Winter 2017

For this project, I modeled/textured in real world scale and proportions the  truck and environment-utilizing photographs provided by legal team, and Google Earth for illustration of a traffic accident and presented in court.  Samir Lyons, project supervisor.

DFFX  Venice, CA Summer 2016

Retopologized body scans of Zombie extras for Fear of the Walking Dead; included UV mapping. Utilized Maya, ZBrush, Topogun.

Chad Finnerty, supervisor

The Mission Studios  Venice, CA Spring 2015-Summer 2016

Built and textured cg assets from architectural elements to  hard surface assets for various commercial projects:  Audi, Summer,Force of Nature; Marvel, Contest of Champions, Contest of Champions Deadpool; Nike Snow Day; Nike Huarache. Utilized:  Maya,VRay, Zbrush, Mudbox, Mari, Photoshop, Topogun..

Tasks also Include:  Rebuilding assets from game mesh(Marvel) or from CAD models(Audi)

Piotr Karwas supervisor; Diana Cheng, Ryan Meredeth, producers.

Mousetrappe  Burbank, Ca  – Fall-Winter 2014

Built digital elements for DisneyWorld, retopology, UV mapping, texturing, for projection animation. Utilized Mari, Maya, ZBrush.

Disney Imagineering  Burbank, CA Spring 2012-Spring 2014

Created digital and sculptural elements for Disney theme parks.  Utilizing software ZBrush, Maya; and sculpting in foam and clay, various architectural and character assets.

Oct 2010-Jan 2011

 Whitemoon Dreams Pasadena, Cadigital

 Haunted Mansion Assisted in the creation of character assets, utilizing Zbrush and Maya, and Photoshop. Disney World, Orlando, Fla.

View working example here-

USC/ICT Marina del Rey, Ca May-September 2010

The Immersive Naval Officer Training System (INOTS) A real-world instructional  training application used to teach interpersonal skills to Navy junior leaders. I participated in  Modeling base mesh, game mesh, UV maps, created  Normal, Diffuse and Gloss maps. Developed and textured environment of office on a battle ship for the VR environment.

CIS Hollywood Ca. 2008.

Watchmen. Modeled previs architecture for Red Square scene, the Gum Mall. Modeled

sailor and woman figures for Times Square scene: uniform, dresses, shoes, hats, etc.

Tropic Thunder. Previs layout of lava terrain, with city ruins, Bridges, Shipwreck etc., geology of buttes, crevasses, etc. ZBrush used to make displacement maps for lava texture.

Degree:  BFA Studio Art, California Institute of the Arts, 1993.

Summer Intern at:   Stan Winston Studios, for Batman 2, Jurrasic Park.  1991